Work Life Balance So You Can Stay Sane!

Oh man, can I just tell you this is a HUGE work in progress for me! It took me a couple years into my first career to realize that I could leave at 5pm, which equals a 8 hour day! I still struggle with not checking emails from my phone at night or on the weekends. It has been a lot easier to leave the office now that I have my daughter. Mostly because I have to pick her up from daycare.

Change the way your phone works.

Turn off notifications on your emails this way you have control on when you check your emails, you won’t get that ding or that annoying notification number on your home screen. Move the email app to another folder not on your home screen. This combined with turning off my notifications has helped me tremendously. You have to make a conscious effort to swipe to the next screen click into your work folder and check your email instead of work constantly being in your face.

Set a schedule

If you are salary and STICK TO IT. This can be extremely difficult if you are salary or own your own business. Set your schedule and stick to it, make sure that your staff know that you do not work after a certain time. If you need to be on call in case of emergencies ensure that everyone is clear on what constitutes an emergency.

Know your worth

Know that it will be okay if you leave on time, your job will be safe. Have confidence in your staff that they will be fine without you, but so be confident in yourself. If your boss is requiring your to constantly work past normal hours rethink if that job is for you. I understand that not every career allows for the 9-5, sometimes you need to work later but if you are supposed to work 9-5 and consistently are overworking yourself you ned to step back and figure out if it is a good use of your time. Are you getting more done working more hours or are you stressing yourself out?

Have hobbies outside of work

This will allow you to take your mind off of work. Start a blog, join a gym, start a garden, do something other than think about work on your off time! Sometimes you need to take a break and recharge to do a better job.

Separate your social media from work

If your job is like mine you need to be on social media for your job, it sucks that you have to link your personal Facebook with your works page but you can set up pages so that way you can check your work social media during office hours. Put that app in your work folder you have created.

I would love to hear what you have done to help keep your work life balance.



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