Ready, Set, Fitness Challenge! 

Since having my baby fitness has been very difficult. The gym used to be my safe place where everything would just disapear. All the obligations, work, any issues would go away for an hour and it was me and the weights or the trail or the treadmill! I did not have a very good pregnancy, I was sick and bloated for almost the entire time, but that’s a story for another post. I had a c-section and was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndome a couple months after. PTS is a rare nerve condition, I basically have nerve damage in my shoulder which limits the range of motion and strength in that arm and shoulder. Before baby I loved working out shoulders! Those were my favorite exercises and I couldn’t even raise my right arm! 

Fast forward to a year later, I have actually lost all but 10 lbs from pregnancy which is pretty amazing! With work and an almost toddler on my hands working out has taken a back burner and so has my nutrition. I have been big on shakes before, see my post about my morning breakfast shake! I often skip breakfast as I am running out the door and often times lunch becomes eating out fast food as a quick option before meetings. 

I was able to try many different trends you might have heard of, Visalus which was actually pretty good in terms of taste, Vega which I took one sip and dumped out, 310 nutrition wasn’t bad but I definitely did not enjoy it, and Shakeology which I was able to try 5 different flavors of. I set up a challenge which I am going to start next week, I will try to keep you all as up to date as possible. I decided on trying the 3 day cleanse and 21 day challenge group with Vegan Chocolate Shakelogoy. I’m not vegan but it was the one that tasted the best to me! 

Follow me as I start this challenge. I am committed to completing the 21 days, putting myself first for once, and looking to get fit again in the process. I put 160% probably more into my day job and it’s time to take some of that and put it towards myself and my health! 

NO, I am not a coach, not sure if that’s going to be a thing for me, and I’m merely just trying to share my experience with you all. Right now my main focus is on my health and I am really excited to have a support system in my coach and this challenge group. 

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