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Sleep Training? 



SO! Day 2? 3? Of this so called sleep training thing! Really I guess I’m “training” my little human to sleep but in reality I just want her to sleep through the night so I can in turn sleep through the night and keep just a little piece of my sanity! She is starting to get better getting tired around bedtime which right now is anywhere between 7:30pm-8:30pm. We are getting there I swear! Here is a look into my night, which doesn’t include getting up at 4am because someone decided they were hungry.

To the bed!

So we got our bottle. Got our pjs on and a clean diaper. We laid in bed for a good 20minutes (we cosleep with her, a post for another time). She just wanted to play with her favorite sheep she normally sleeps with! Throwing it around, sharing it with me, playing with me, and talking (babbling). I finally gave up.

Onto the rocking chair!

Moving on to her room and finally got her to sleep in my arms while rocking in the rocking chair for about 5 minutes. Now she is out and in our bed. Yes, we make sure she is safe and is not at any risk. There are multiple articles on the benefits of cosleeping, plus she actually sleeps this way which I think is the number 1 benefit.

Seriously the hardest thing about putting a baby down to sleep is literally putting them down to sleep! If you have ever tried to put a baby in their crib or playpen you know how hard it is. She is awake every single time before she gets to the mattress. We are slowly trying to get her down in her crib for naps but right now the goal is to get her asleep by 7:30pm bedtime!

I will post more about the trials and tribulations of sleep training our baby girl! Tonight was really not bad, no crying! I will take that as a success… now what to do with all this extra free time we have!