3 Day Refresh 

I told you all I was going to start on this fitness journey and boy am I serious about it. Cue Bruno – Don’t believe me just watch!!

So to start my journey and just refresh my body (haha see what I did there?) I started the 3 day refresh cleanse. I’ve never done a cleanse before so I’m not going to lie I was a little scared. Am I going to be in the bathroom all the time? Am I going to be hungry all the time? Will I die? Why are Doritos not on this plan!? Despite all this, I’m determined to get in the best shape of my life so I started it!


Day 1

The start of day 1 was pretty easy. I don’t eat too much during the day anyway and am a huge late night snacker so morning and afternoon were fine. I didn’t mind the taste of the fiber sweep drink, not going to go on the record saying I loved it and would drink it if it wasn’t part of this, but I was able to tolerate it and it didn’t suck.

Now the cleanse says not to do alot of exercising and I planned to follow it. WELL, I decided to mow the lawn and that took alot out of me especially because it took an hour and it was around 90 degrees. I had a slight headache but that went a while pretty quickly. Now I tried the optional vegetable broth for dinner (see below for what I ate each day) that’s where things took a turn for the worse. It did not agree with me and I felt sick to my stomach, combine that with craving anything and everything and it was not a fun night! I did sneak a couple pieces of Jake’s steamed broccoli and grapes to get me through all those cravings and it helped a ton!

Overall, it was not bad, I wasn’t hungry throughout the day or night and really just let me head get the best of me with cravings.

Yup! That’s my cat photo bombing!

Day 2

I feel like day 2 was harder than day 1! The day was pretty easy, no sickness so I attribute it to the vegetable broth I had. Really the nights are the only thing that have bothered me so far in this journey.  I would normally have dinner and then snack my way until bedtime so cravings are off the charts tonight! I do feel less bloated which is awesome.

Day 3

Again mornings and afternoons are no big deal! Today I had to go to work, back to work from having a week off yikes!! The evening was actually no big deal for me today! I didn’t have any cravings, wasn’t hungry, actually had some energy! I really had to second guess myself and ask if I cheated but I swear I didn’t! All that hard for for the last two days paid off and today was a piece of cake!


After 3 days I lost 3.8 pounds and 5 inches total. This is amazing and such a great jump start to my new fitness journey! I am definitely less bloated, my pants fit me better, and I have some energy I didn’t have before, no caffeine and I’m doing good!
I would recommend this for someone that has a strong will and really wants to get this jump start. If you are not 100% in, it won’t work, you will fail. Have your reason and stick to it! When you want that pizza remind yourself that it’s only 3 days and that you can do it!


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