Month: April 2017

Kick Pop(Soda) to the Curb!!

Stir together lime juice and agave nectar-add to a blender, along with pineapplejuice, pineapple, triple sec, tequila,and ice. Blend until frothy.Okay let’s start off right now, whether you call it pop, soda, or coke it’s not good for you! I say that as someone who would have 3 or 4 pops a day…. okay probably like 5 or 6 😉 Kicking the addiction… and it is an addition… is not easy. I can’t even count how many times I have tried to stop but I finally did it!
Now there are a couple ways you can do this. I have tried them all and here is what worked for me and what didn’t!

Quit Cold Turkey

This one pretty much sucks at first! The first day you might be thinking to your self hey! This is a piece of cake! But then the next day you get hit with a pounding migraine and the next day and the next which is what used to happen to me all the time. But if you can hold out for just a couple days and drink TONs of water I promise it gets better!! The headaches go away and eventually you don’t miss soda!

Replace the temptation

Switch out your favorite soda for something more healthy! Whether it is tea, flavored and/sparkling water, or juice. Something to replace the soda with so now you have the flavor that water lacks. This can help you not miss soda as much. Yes I moved to Missouri so pop and soda are now interchangeable for me! Sorry!!! I did find this way helpful especially having a go to when eating out at fast food chains or other places where pop is the number one drink of choice. That is always the temptation for me going up with my cup trying to decide and fight the urge to just get the Dr. Pepper! Thankfully we really do not go out to eat a lot, but if you are someone who does try asking for a tea instead!

Slowly cut back

This never worked for me to be honest. To do this all you have to do is exactly what the title says, slowly cut back. If you normally have 2 sodas at lunch cut that down to just two and replace the other with water. Doing this will help the transition as well because eventually you will completely take out the soda from your diet and all the will remain is water.
Once you have eliminated pop from your diet you might be craving it but wait it out!! I can’t say that enough wait it out!! Your cravings will subside and you won’t even miss it! I promise! The say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit! I got to a point where pop just did not taste good to me at all. I relapsed at one point and wanted a soda for dinner, took a sip, and told myself NOPE! It just didn’t taste good, it tasted nasty, sugary, and syrupy!

Sleep Training? 



SO! Day 2? 3? Of this so called sleep training thing! Really I guess I’m “training” my little human to sleep but in reality I just want her to sleep through the night so I can in turn sleep through the night and keep just a little piece of my sanity! She is starting to get better getting tired around bedtime which right now is anywhere between 7:30pm-8:30pm. We are getting there I swear! Here is a look into my night, which doesn’t include getting up at 4am because someone decided they were hungry.

To the bed!

So we got our bottle. Got our pjs on and a clean diaper. We laid in bed for a good 20minutes (we cosleep with her, a post for another time). She just wanted to play with her favorite sheep she normally sleeps with! Throwing it around, sharing it with me, playing with me, and talking (babbling). I finally gave up.

Onto the rocking chair!

Moving on to her room and finally got her to sleep in my arms while rocking in the rocking chair for about 5 minutes. Now she is out and in our bed. Yes, we make sure she is safe and is not at any risk. There are multiple articles on the benefits of cosleeping, plus she actually sleeps this way which I think is the number 1 benefit.

Seriously the hardest thing about putting a baby down to sleep is literally putting them down to sleep! If you have ever tried to put a baby in their crib or playpen you know how hard it is. She is awake every single time before she gets to the mattress. We are slowly trying to get her down in her crib for naps but right now the goal is to get her asleep by 7:30pm bedtime!

I will post more about the trials and tribulations of sleep training our baby girl! Tonight was really not bad, no crying! I will take that as a success… now what to do with all this extra free time we have!

6 Ways to Add Fitness to Your Life!


Ugh! Finding to time to work out is not one of my favorite things to do. Working a full time job which in my case does not equal 40 hours a week but more like 50-60 hours. I know it’s a lot, I’m still working on it but getting out at 5pm is sometimes impossible!! I always feel better when I work out so how do I manage to add time to work out in my schedule? I have to make it a priority!


Work Out in the Morning

Working out in the morning before your work day starts is a surefire way to get that morning yoga sash in. Now this is a lot easier for those of you who are morning people. If you are anything like me, the pillow and snooze is a lot more appealing! Having your workout clothes and work clothes set out and ready to go in the morning makes waking up earlier so much easier! We will get to this later on but if you have a morning class it will make waking up to see friends and work out so much easier than if you are going on your own. After a long hard day the last thing I want to do sometimes so working out in the morning eliminates that!


Schedule It!

Are you the person who has a million to do lists? Add yourself to your daily life! Put a time to workout in your calendar. If you have outlook like I do at work, add that to your calendar so you know when that reminder pops up that it is time to leave and work out. Don’t feel comfortable putting “Kickboxing” in your daily work calendar add it to your phone’s calendar or set up an alert! Knowing that I have an hour or two a day to workout makes getting to the gym so much easier, you don’t feel like you are rushing because you have nothing planned in that slot!


Try A 30-Day Challenge!

I’ll share some of my favorite 30-day challenges in some future posts but these are always ways to keep me motivated. It would be something as simple as a squat challenge. I never want to miss a day and be behind so these challenges always help me stay on track and find sometime to complete that days tasks. Have a competitive side? Post on social media that you are working on your 30-day challenge! You won’t want to explain why you stopped half way through when your friends start asking why you stopped posting about it. Another benefit, your friends and followers will see your transformation and be more likely to join you in your next challenge.


While Cooking!

No do not try doing your full on Jillian Michaels work out while sautéing your vegetables! That would probably be dangerous! What I am talking about is working out after you throw tonight’s casserole in the oven. Depending out how long it takes to cook use that time to finish that workout! If I have to make noodles I will do squats or a couple sets of my workout while I wait. Set a timer so you check on your food, having burnt a meal is never fun and can cause you to order pizza instead!


Find A Workout Buddy

Having someone to workout with makes workouts faster and you will have someone to stay accountable to. Having someone waiting on you gives you more motivation to go so you are not letting them down. Plus, having a workout buddy makes you work harder because you do not want to be the one to slow down. They also can motivate and encourage you to make it that last mile!


Join A Class!

You don’t want to be the one that is always missing out on Zumba! Especially if you have and/or make a few friends in your class. After a long day of work the last thing you may want to do is take another hour out of your day to go to that class but if money is a motivator you don’t want to waist that money you paid for that class! Trying different classes is a great way to freshen up your workout routine. If you are in a rut and just dread going to the gym try taking a yoga or spin class.

Do you have other ways to stay motivated and find time in your busy schedule to work out?